About Us

HBS Quick Facts

  • Date Established
  • Category
    ICT Strategy, Infrastructure and Data Mining
  • Location
    UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan

About Hydra Business Solutions

At HBS, we bring better technology to your business. We work to understand your business objectives and advise you on how best to use information technology to meet them. Our expertise includes high-level technology to business integration and consulting, managed services, infrastructure project management and best-of-breed technology solution deployment.

Our Consulting and Integration services assist you in managing your existing technology assets and integrate innovation into your future ICT planning. At HBS, priming your business organization for constant change is our consistent objective. We work to understand your current business requirements and infuse long-term innovation into your future technology investments. Time after time we have been able to generate positive results for businesses by increasing their overall productivity levels, facilitating their communications and protecting their vital infrastructure, security and data assets.

Our Team

  • With a team of expert engineers and years of unrivalled market-based technology and commercial experience, we provide the highest quality solutions to all major vertical industries including telecommunications, the public sector, real estate, banking and finance, oil and gas, healthcare and retail. HBS works in coordination with leading multinational technology vendors and partners to deliver real value and cutting-edge solutions.
  • we believe that the quality of our staff is our greatest asset, upon whom we build the rest of our organizational structure. We recognize that a key element of delivering customer satisfaction is the hiring and retention of a qualified human resource base capable of meeting clients’ long-term expectations. We select employees of the highest caliber and continuously invest in their training and development. As a result, we boast a staff retention rate of over 90 percent.

Excellent Service

  • When we are approached by clients to navigate in uncharted waters, we empower our sales and product teams with the authority to think out of the box and find innovative solutions for challenges faced by each and every client/entity, while ensuring that our staff members comply with our company’s dedication to service excellence at all times.
  • distinguishes itself by providing its customers with a high value for money solution in implementation time, and an affordable and efficient solution for post-implementation support and maintenance, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly versus its competitors while reducing operational risk and enhancing uptime and reliability to their customers, through solutions that range from full outsourcing of IT services and helpdesk (including hosting), to SLA-based scenarios that are structure and pre-packaged based on industry best practices. HBS delivers its solutions based on Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel, Hyperion, Oracle ECM, and Oracle Technology Products

Business Growth

  • Since 2015 HBS has proved to be a fast growing company by earning the trust and loyalty of its customers. Our expertise lies strongly within all sectors especially the governmental and defense. We achieve excellent customer satisfaction by delivering top-notch services and are one of the leading technology providers in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Pakistan.
  • HBS will continue to grow in 2019 by expanding itself within the European market, as its next step towards our mission of being the leading global technology provider.
HBS ia aiming to be one of the Enterprise Solutions providers & a market leader in the Middle East and North Africa, Providing complete and integerated end-to-end solutions using best practice approaches and methodologies